MINECRAFT APK V1.16.100.04 Guide

You are warmly welcome here if you want to build up your desired world. The game Minecraft  apk is providing multiple interfaces like Crafting, Gathering of resources, Combat, and exploration in the game. Engineering your world and upholding your health is totally acquaint on the utilization of your creative skills, better creative skills will tend you to the attractive modes of the game. There are many alternatives to entertainment except Minecraft, which provide you all the mode at once, including 3D model structure, offline mode, multiple version. I value your moments here; just one click will take you to the amazing,real-life,and the desired gaming world.


Minecraft is a very adventurous and hard game there are many monsters you have to fight with them to survive with your weapons and types of equipment. If you love to do construction then this game is for you there are many options for construction. Minecraft  apk is the complete and updated package you don’t need any other software or package to run the game once you download and install package

you start enjoying Minecraft. you can create your desired world like wall, towns, city, building anything you need.

Once, you download the game I am sure you will be addicted to this because I have never seen such a game that has an attractive interface, and the interface is user-friendly, easy to understand by anyone even who is downloading it for the first time. Its different mode provides entertainment to all kinds of persons having different mind creativity.

Application information of Minecraft’s mode

There is some important information about Minecraft apk:

UpdatedFebruary 6, 2020
Android Operating System version required4.2 and up
File Sizevaries from device to device
Developer studioMojang
Root permissions requiredNo


Minecraft apk Free Download and Install

Minecraft apk can be installed on every Android device. Its updated version works on Oreo and Pie too. Here you will be completely guided on how to download and how to install its APK files on your devices like tablets and android phones.

The best and latest version of Minecraft apk game is available on the google play store. You can download this game by following some simple steps that are mention step by step. So, you don’t need to go anywhere are any other side. Just stay here and follow the idiot steps to download this game.

  • First, you must make wide storage on your device to save The APK file.
  • Click on the given link and download the APK file, then save it into your device.
  • Then you must open the folder where you saved The Minecraft APK file.
  • Now click on the APK(which version you want) and open it; some permissions will be required.
  • After providing permissions, the downloading process will be started automatically.
  • Just wait for a while and keep enjoying the Minecraft APK game on your device.


Unlimited Breath:

In this feature, you allowed enjoying unlimited breath for the unlimited time while under the water during gameplay. So, you don’t need to come up to take breath again while playing the game. This allows you to go deep in the ocean for an unlimited time.

Indestructible Tools:

There are many shatterproof tools available in mine craft mode apk, and these are long-lasting tools as well as made to last.

Max inventory size:

Adaptation of new thing, you don’t need to drop anything that you collected during gameplay. The huge inventory size is large enough to comprise anything that assembled during gameplay.

Extend Your Game:

Bargain the best class network demonstration in the Minecraft marketplace, obtain fascinating skins, maps, and service packs from your popular market.

Max Scores:

This grant you to track maximum points. You can finish off your opponent using this cool feature. As your score is superlative, you will be the winner of the game.


There are lots of people in this world with a different mindset and creativity level in this game you can turn your creativity into your desired world by using block available in the game.

Multi Players

There are many social peoples in this world and they want to socialize with other peoples you can do this easily with Minecraft apk.

Only thing you need is an active data connection

Offline mode

Yes, you heard it right you can play Minecraft apk without internet. Many games need internet to run in this way they consume internet and you cant play them without internet but Minecraft can be played without internet

 Minecraft Gameplay and Modes                      

Minecraft is a fast game that is accessible at various platforms, including an IOS, Android windows, PC, and even on Mac. It has a very clean system, the fulfillment because of its lightness. Billions of the players are entering into it. One can reach to mine assets by default given tools, then make them useful in the way of creating buildings and masterpiece.

You can enjoy a very smooth framerates event at even on The PC with have cheap components. You can create everything in the game even if you want to create the latest cities, antique buildings. There is an entire opportunity given to the players.

  • Here are some listed features that bring different modes.
  • It carries assets that will be required for building equipment.
  • The tools will be strengthened, that is already being used.
  • It does not contain any inert bug.
  • No need to root the cell phone to install it.
  • It’s an APK mode that is fully free to download without any hindrance.


There are three main modes of gameplay that are the following.

Creative mode

While playing in the creative modes, you can use unlimited resources and can enter the deep world. You can explore the new weapons end armors to protect from the dangerous crowd. By utilizing unlimited resources, you can build up anything you want.

Survival mode

Survival mode is basically time responsive and action gameplay. In this mode, you need to perform some actions by your character. People often use some seeds to generate a new world.

Multiplayers mode

From the different platforms of the world by communicating on the server using a local screen. Who this game, you can collaborate and broadcast with the people Sitting in the different areas of the world.

Closing Words

You have played many games in your life but Minecraft is one of the best and amazing games you will play so download it right now and keep visiting us for the latest posts and updated version of Minecraft. Also, don’t forget to share it with your friends and family.

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