Iris Shaders 1.19.3 Download without Optifine

Best Minecraft Shaders without optifine. Download Iris Shaders 1.19.3 & play Minecraft game without using Optifine.

Iris Shaders 1.19.3

Iris Shaders is an open-source Minecraft Shaders that works without Optifine. This shaders resolves the compatibility issue of Optifine. Iris Shaders 1.19.3 is compatible with the new version of Minecraft.

Iris Shaders Type

There are 3 types of installation of Iris Shaders 1.19.3 available.


Vanilla Iris shaders is for the old version of Minecraft. This requires low resources but delivers high graphics. You can boost FPS by 150% with Iris shaders Vanilla. So if your aim is to increase the frame rate of Minecraft game, Vanilla Iris shaders is the best shaders.

Vanilla + Sodium

Sodium is a fabric mod that rewrites parts of the vanilla rendering system to optimize for performance in a way no other mod has.
Sodium is actively maintained and updated, with the goal of being compatible with the majority of other Fabric mods for maximum FPS even in large mod packs.
Together, these mods can increase FPS by 150% or more over vanilla performance.
The only mod that can make the game playable on any hardware is Sodium.

Iris Shaders

Vanilla + Sodium + Iris

Iris expands on Sodium and Vanilla by adding something no other standalone fabric mod has: support for existing custom shaders.
Because Iris works in tandem with Sodium and Vanilla, you can get shaders at incredible frame rates without the need for expensive hardware or experimental game modifications.
Iris’ additional processes only reduce performance by 10-15%, and with sodium installed, performance remains well above vanilla.

Minecraft shaders without Optifine

Optfine shaders are not compatible with the old version of Minecraft. So to overcome this problem Iris Shaders came. This comes with wide compatibility, great design & open-source in nature.

Why Iris Shaders 1.19.3 is best

  • Performance: When combined with optimization mods such as Sodium, Iris Shaders should fully utilize your graphics card.
  • Correctness: Iris shaders works perfectly without any bug.
  • Backward compatibility: All the existing Shaders Mod, OptiFine shaders work fine with Iris Shaders without any settings modifications required.

Iris Shaders 1.19.3 Download

Click the link below for Iris Shaders 1.19.3 Download free.

How to Install Iris Shaders Mod

After you download the jar file from the above link, open it with java.

Then select the edition & game version and click install.

How to Install Iris Shaders Mod

Now open the Minecraft launcher & select Iris standalone.

Now download any shaders pack. For example, Download Astralex shaders.

Open Shader Pack Folder

Now open the Video setting of Minecraft and click Open Shader Pack Folder button. Select the downloaded zip file & install your favorite shaders pack.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Iris Shaders free?

Yes, Iris Shaders is free.

Are Iris Shaders safe?

Yes, most online game mods are safe to use. But for the safer side, you can scan online in the virus checker tool before installing.

Iris Shaders 1.19.3 Download without Optifine - Minecraft Mod APK
Iris Shaders 1.19.3 Download without Optifine

Best Minecraft Shaders without optifine. Download Iris Shaders 1.19.3 & play Minecraft game without using Optifine.

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Operating System: Windows 10, Windows 11

Application Category: Game

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