Minecraft Java Edition Server


As we have told you in the previous article on ‘Minecraft Java Edition,’ this version allows multiplayer gameplay worldwide.

For this purpose, you need to download ‘Java Edition Server’ to enjoy the multiplayer gameplay. You must know some important things to get involved if you want to setup Minecraft Server by yourself. On some OS like Mac and Linux, java is already settled up, but in the case of Windows, you need to download “JDK” and set up the Java environment and path, then you will set up a server.

If you follow the instructions below, you will set up the Minecraft server by yourself.

  • First, you need to download the ‘Minecraft Server jar file’ and run it with the following command using the window’s command-line interface.

“java -Xmx1024M -Xms1024M -jar minecraft_server.1.16.4.jar nogui”

  • Setting up a Minecraft server is very easy, but it takes some technical knowledge and time. With basic knowledge of networking knowledge, do not try to set up the server. You can get help on the internet for your best guidance that “How to set up Minecraft server.”
  • This does not need any heavy machine for server, just your Notebook you PC, if they have good compatibilities, could be a server.
  • Playing and Hosting on the same PC is possible if your PC is very power full.
  • Use a wired connection for multi-players instead of a wireless ethernet connection because the wireless connection is not recommended for many players.

Now you are about to run your own server, but you must be aware of possible risks. If you follow the instruction above and below, you will not face any risk.

You are strongly recommended to know these basics if you are setting your new server.

  • Using the Command-line interface and Configuration files
  • Generals of Networking like IP, Ports, DHCP etc
  • Network Configuration
  • System Configuration
  • Router Configuration in case if other people want to connect your internet connection

Minecraft options

Options for the server JAR go after the -jar minecraft_server.jar part.

Run with –help to see all available arguments that can be passed to the server. Below is a list of available command-line options for the server.


A bonus chest should be Created when the world is first generated.


When the server is in demo mode.


when optimizing single-player worlds, erase the full cache.

–force upgrade

The data version of all chunks matches the current server version.


When you need help.


Initializes ‘server. Properties’ and ‘eula.txt,’ then quit.


When launching, the server does not open the GUI.

–port <Integer>

Call the ports to listen on,


What is java?

Java is a programming language in which developers create program files for the configuration and Java Virtual Machine; because JVM supports many different platforms, developers write JVM programs.

What are OpenJDK and Oracle JDK?

Both are similar, but OpenJDK is an open-source java developing platform. Oracle JDK is used for Commercial and production purposes; Oracle JDK is likely to run Minecraft Server. Oracle JDK provides its own OpenJDK.




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