Minecraft Pocket edition Apk Latest Version 1.16.21

Brief Introduction

Minecraft has become the most popular game all over the world among the gaming community. This game has become extremely addictive among gamers of the world.

So, here is a new APK version with an advanced update. This APK version contains a lot of features. You can dig and prepare a new world anywhere at any time by scratching.

Once you download this APK version you will enjoy more because of its new features (Wooden road, Save spider jokey, Sheep colo, Types of trees, Far Land, Gold finder and Sharing pumpkin,  so all the new features are enlisted below.

Features of Minecraft APK

  • Cave Spider Jokey

These spider mobs are added in the game to make more interest during the gameplay and make the game environment very attractive even these mods are very unwanted and unfriendly.

  • Sheep Colo

Various colour of sheep and the colour keep changing, this change helps that which one sheep should be chosen during gameplay. The founded colours are like Blue, Yellow and Brown.

  • Wooden Roads

This is a wonderful feature by which you can make a wooden roads and bridges over the water while working in the village.

  • Finding Gold

Now in this Apk edition, this is not difficult to find gold, because by adding this feature in this version this has become too much easy to find gold anywhere any time.

  • Types of Trees

Another tint feature of trees having two colours fallen and dying trees you will get much interest while gameplay.

  • Far Land

In other versions of Minecraft, you create the new world and you can see your world only, but in this new updated version when you end your world you will find a new world having borders and lands. This is only in this edition.

  • Share Pumpkin

This is another incredible feature to see the hidden face, this is only possible when you share snowballs and snow gold pumpkin.


  • Modes of This Version

There are two different modes in this version this mod is “Unlimited resources and Survival Mode. These will be fruitful when you dive in the water and you can craft unlimited weapons and armours. You can also dive deep through this feature.

How to Download/Install Minecraft APK version

You download and install it by following the simple steps.

Here are the steps to download.

  • You need to click the download button first
  • You must have required free space in your phone storage.
  • After downloading go to “Setting”.
  • Select “Allow Third Party”.
  • Now click and install the mod apk , this will take a few seconds.
  • After installation just clicks the “Icon” and enjoy the game.

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